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Web Design Services
  • You want a web for your company but don't want to spend a fortune?
  • You'd like to create a web for sharing information within your networked office but can't afford a web master? Or a web server?
  • You want to learn how to maintain your web but aren't a specialist in Information Systems?
  • Your company has an internal web but you don't have staff resources to get your team's information on it?

Web Foundations will provide all levels of service, from simple document conversion, through complete creation of a full, graphically- and Javascript-enhanced web site with its own domain (www.yourcompany.com) on the internet.

We will scan your company logo and other graphics you produce, or create fresh and original artwork for your web. We will train you in web maintenance or will maintain your web for you.

Once your web is ready, we will arrange for your own web domain and for it to be hosted on an inexpensive but state-of-the-art server. We will register your web with the major search indexes, and help you develop a communication plan to use your web effectively as a publicity or communication tool.


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