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Every attempt is made to create unique sites with original graphics which suit both the nature of the organization and the target audience. Ease of use, eye-catching colour, strategic use of web technology when appropriate all contribute to the inviting look of our webs.

We work with a number of non-profit groups to create professional websites at reasonable rates, plus smaller commercial organizations. However, much of our work is done for corporations, many of whose webs are behind company firewalls, and therefore not available for public viewing. In those cases, a snapshot of the screen is given with any identifying logos removed.

Corporate Webs

A1 Financing A1 Financing

Friendly web designed to encourage people to view the various financial services offered. Easy navigation combined with cheerful images of smiling faces and a muted colour scheme make for a pleasant experience.

CW Consulting Web CW Consulting

Brightly coloured, friendly design featuring a book-like slideshow, featuring images of typical people using the services of this financial management service.

Travel Web Travel Web

Proprietary - no link to the actual web. A corporate internal web for staff who travel on business. The site was designed to offer breaking news on the first page and easy navigation to choices of hotels, air fares, car rentals plus online travel advisories.


Order Fulfillment Order Fulfillment

Proprietary - no link to the actual web. Complex sales processes made easy for staff of a large corporation. Designed for laptops, the site features high contrast colour and easy navigation. This web leads sales personnel through an online system which tracks all steps of orders and delivery.


Occupational Health Occupational Health

Proprietary - no link to the actual web. A basic internal web linking to an assortment of documents for employees. The emphasis was on quick access to a large amount of safety information. The site was also designed for easy maintenance by in-house staff.


Driver SafetyDriver Safety

Proprietary - no link to the actual web. Colourful site aimed at increasing company staff's awareness of an internal driver safety program and of issues related to safety while in a car.


Engineering & Projects Engineering & Projects

Proprietary - no link to the actual web. Organized to promote a corporation's newest projects to employees in order to support their needs for internal information. Lots of images and easy navigation allow quick overviews or in-depth knowledge acquisition.


Purchasing and Supply Purchasing and Supply

Proprietary - no link to the actual web. Professional look and feel reflects the complex organization of a corporate department; however, the web was designed for easy maintenance by the site owners.


Sales Education and Skills Development Program Sales Education and Skills Development

Proprietary - no link to the actual web. Bright colours and simple navigation emphasize the aggressive, non-nonsense approach to this corporate skills training program. Designed for small-screen notebooks.


Integrated Marketing and Commercial Support Integrated Marketing and Commercial Support

Proprietary - no link to the actual web. A simple frame site with JavaScript was designed to facilitate navigation through this training site.


Smaller Commercial and/or Institutional webs on the WWW

Logistics Performance Solutions Ltd. Logistics Performance Solutions Ltd.

Discontinued website. Providing expertise in logistics to businesses, the company needed a web that was professional-looking and easy to navigate. Muted colours and a javascript navigation menu were used plus a bright bar of related images along the top of the pages for a splash of colour.


Kidsland Daycare Centres Kidsland Daycare Centres

A leading provider of Early Childhood Education and Out-of School-Care in Calgary, Kidsland offers a nurturing, play-based learning environment for children from birth to 12 years. Primary colours are used for a bright effect, JavaScript slideshows give a visual experience of the eight locations, and images of happy children illustrate the philosophy and goals of the Centres.


Children's Mental Health Project Children's Mental Health Project

The Children's Mental Health Project, an online comprehensive, multidisciplinary curriculum in the field of children's mental health, features clean lines, attractive graphics and simplicity of navigation which allows easy access to a large body of information. The site serves as a resource for educators at the undergraduate and graduate levels and students enrolled in courses in children's mental health, especially those served through distance learning.


Culture Connect Culture Connect

The use of images of people with diverse backgrounds exemplifies the principles of cultural connection that is the foundation of this business. As well as information about the services offered, there is a repository of articles of interest to those planning a corporate move to a new country.


Clibbon Gallery Clibbon Gallery

The Clibbon Gallery web was designed to display the coloured etchings of two talented American artists - Robert Clibbon and Melyssa Bearse - who exhibit in their studio gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts.


Seebirds.ca Seebirds.ca

No longer an active web. Featuring photos taken by Web Foundations in Antarctica, this site describes a birding expedition to the southern continent planned for 2001. Cool colours, and simple structure make this web easy to use for prospective members of the expedition.


Investment Opportunity Investment Opportunity

Property has sold so web is no longer live. Focused on a single property, this real estate web features a slide show illustrating all aspects of the investment for sale. Bright colours, simple design and lots of information entice the potential investor towards making a decision to buy.


Barbara J. Zuppinger, MSW Barbara J. Zuppinger, MSW, Counselling, E-Counselling & Mediation

The design for this web reflects the professional but informal approach of the counselling service through soft, subdued colours, a restricted palette, and a chatty text style.


All Things Bright & Beautiful All Things Bright & Beautiful

Discontinued web. "All Things Bright & Beautiful" is a simple web developed in order to focus on a wonderful compilation of British choral music.


Just for kids Just For Kids

The Just for kids web is an example of a fun site aimed at children. All links are to verified and approved web sites. We hope your children enjoy them. You are welcome to link to this site from your own web.


Non-Profit webs on the WWW

Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities

ACCD is a consumer-directed organization that actively promotes full participation in society for Albertans with disabilities. The web is geared for use by both abled and disabled persons and conforms to the standards set for webs used by the disabled community.

Alberta Disabilities Forum Alberta Disabilities Forum

A web designed to share information among the non-profit disability organizations, it features the ability of the user to change text size. Attention was paid to ensuring the web conformed to the standards set for webs used by the disabled community.

Fundamental of Effective Board Involvement Mentoring Canada - Fundamentals of Effective Board Involvement

An interactive online training course which offers quizzes and resources to help people who are interested in participating in a non-profit board of directors. The web is accompanied by a printable version of the course. Simple graphics and enjoyable but pertinent tests help keep the student's attention while aiding in the learning process.
A second training site was also developed.


National HIV/AIDS Network National HIV/AIDS Network for Children, Youth & Families

Discontinued web. A vitally important need for communication and support for those affected by HIV and AIDS is the focus of this fully bilingual web. A public discussion forum, members-only listserv, extensive resource lists and news promote the needs of the network and its members.


Accessible Housing Society Accessible Housing Society

The AHS site was designed to be easily accessible by disabled users. The navigation bar at the top of the page requires little mouse movement. All images are well labeled for the visually-impaired. Colours were chosen for their attractiveness as well as being browser-safe for users with older screens.


Nature Calgary Bird Study Group Nature Calgary Bird Study Group

Part of the Nature Calgary web, birds and bird study are the focus of this web. Bright colours, wonderful bird photographs and easy navigation make this web fun to use.

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